After Surgery

If you are experiencing excessive bleeding or difficulty breathing call 911 or report to your nearest emergency facility.

Post Operative Care

Post operative instructions will be reviewed with you before your discharge. You will receive a written copy of the discharge instructions.  You should not plan to drive, drink alcohol or make decisions for 24 hours after surgery or if you are taking pain medication.

When You Are Home

At home, please follow your surgeon's written instructions provided by the staff at Valley Regional. If you experience any problems or changes in your condition, you should contact your surgeon's office.  If a problem occurs on a weekend, please call the hospital and talk with the on call doctor for that practice. Your surgeon will be responsible for your continuing care.

Expect a telephone call from one of our nurses the following working day after your surgery to answer any questions you might have.

Our staff hopes you have found your brief stay with us pleasant and caring. Please be willing to take our phone Patient Satisfaction Survey if called by Healthstream.

Pain Medication

Please take your pain medication as needed according to your specific discharge instructions. If the medication is not relieving your pain please call your surgeon's office or the hospital to talk with the on call surgeon if it occurs on a weekend to discuss an alternative.

If you are having a surgical procedure, you may experience normal pain afterwards. To minimize pain after an orthopedic procedure, ice and elevation of the affected extremity will help minimize swelling, reducing pain. If you have been given a prescription for pain medications, get them filled as soon as possible (before surgery). Stay on top of your pain by taking the pain medication when you first become aware of pain sensations. Remember, always eat before taking pain medications to avoid nausea.


If you develop any signs or symptoms of infection such as persistent fever > 101 F, redness, warmth, swelling or increased pain, please call your surgeon's office or the hospital to talk with the on call doctor.

If there is a break in the skin around your surgical site, the chance of infection is increased. If you notice any break in the skin anywhere close to the surgical site, please notify your surgeon immediately.